Dave Lord - Escapologist

Being handcuffed, tied up or chained, does not stop Dave from getting on with his job. Professional escapologist, Dave Lord, demonstrates his expertise in getting out of "tight situations". Padlocks, canvas bags, ropes and chains are the tools of his trade. He says that being bound in a straitjacket, chained at the ankles, attached to a rope, partly soaked in petrol and hoisted in the air are a head-rush and full of adrenalin, leaving crowds spellbound by the drama.

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Dave has been practicing the art of escapology since 1982. He explains that escapology is not trickery, but rather the art of picking locks and contorting the body to enable him to free himself.

Dave Lord has more than proved his credibility as a professional escape artist by freeing himself from the Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner's handcuffs within only a matter of seconds, to successfully promote a $70-a- head fund-raising dinner for Police Citizen Youth Clubs.


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