YOU CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE! A Magical Motivational Workshop by DAVE LORD

Conference Keynote Speaker
"You Can Do the Impossible" is an inspirational and motivational experience designed to challenge your perceptions of your own potential. It will stimulate changes to your outlook on the adventure of life by compelling you to evaluate everyday experiences in a new light ~ An idea encapsulated by Dave's catch-phrase "ALL IN LIFE IS NOT AS IT SEEMS!"
This unique experience uses the fantastic medium of MAGIC to deliver an interactive HANDS-ON encounter. This session with Dave creates an interesting interlude from the more intellectually orientated seminar programme.
Most importantly…. it's FUN!

The 60 minute workshop comprises three segments:
  • A performance of magic by Dave Lord involving credible and incredible illusions and escapology, incorporating Dave's distinctive and individual style of comedy. Suggested duration: 20 minutes
  • The participants are divided into two groups, each learning a magic trick from Dave's performance. They then perform their trick for someone from the other group. Suggested duration: 20 minutes
  • The audience regroups so Dave is able to recap, and reinforce what has occurred. The participants saw the impossible happen. They then learned to perform the impossible, and then actually performed the impossible for someone else. Dave shares anecdotes from his life experiences, particularly the highlights and difficulties of creating a Business out of Show Business. Suggested duration: 20 minutes

The format of this session is flexible, and will be moulded to meet the needs and interests of the client, taking into account their relevant issues and objectives.

Call Dave now to enquire personally how he can tailor a workshop to help you achieve success at your next conference or event.
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